Air-frying with Charlo

15th July 2023

Charlo the Chef was in studio chatting with Jacki about air-fryers and using one to bake quick chocolate brownies in studio   charlothechef on Instagram   also on YouTube and Facebook

Air fryer chocolate snicker brownie recipe


6 Tbsp Plain Flour
100 g Cocoa Powder
50 g castor Sugar
1/2 Tsp Salt
120 ml oil neutral
120 ml water
1 Tsp Vanilla extract
Snicker bar bits


1 – In a bowl mix together the dry ingredients flour, Cocoa powder, salt, and sugar till combined
2- In a separate bowl mix together water , vanilla extract and oil and once combine add to dry ingredients and mix well
3-Spoon mixture into Small Ramikins and fill two thirds up each Ramikin
Top each Ramikin with snicker bar bites
4-Place Ramikins into Air fryer and put setting at air fryer and bake @ 170 degrees for 4 mins
Remove and let cool a little
Serve with fresh cream or ice cream


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