Foundations for Christian Peacebuilding

Written by on 25th March 2024

21 April – 3 May 2024

YWAM will be holding a new 2-week mini-school exploring peace, justice, and reconciliation.
How can we define the good news in light of injustice, conflict, and broken relationships?

What does God’s vision of a reconciled world look like and how do we get there?

What part can you play in it all?

The Foundations for Christian Peacebuilding school gathers people from diverse backgrounds around some of life’s hardest realities to ask, what is the Good News here? Together we will explore how the story of the Bible and the life of Jesus speak to the real hurt of our world. The vision of Christian Peacebuilding empowers us to build bridges, heal wounds, and confront injustice. There is an opportunity here to begin (or continue) the journey of uncovering God’s message of hope to all people at all times.

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