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Thank You!!!

By Rob on June 10, 2016 in Station News

We have just had our summer fundraiser. Coming off the back of a beautiful sunny bank holiday we had a slow start to the week. Things picked up on Wednesday and as always it was a joy to hear from people from up and down the country – especially from those in some of the new areas of Athlone, Kilkenny and Carlow.

One listener emailed us saying,

“I have been listening to you for 4 years now and was once a listener who sat on the fence, convinced I could not afford to support you and perhaps a little bit apprehensive that I really didn’t want to commit. Then the Spirit drew me in and spoke to my heart. I am a monthly supporter now for 2 years… Every day and late at night I tune in. My kids are hearing the Christian message and you are supporting what I am trying to pass onto them. We are supporting each other on our journey in life…. Thanks again… Galway listener.

We are so grateful for everyone who took the step, picked up the phone and called in with a donation. Your support is both an enormous encouragement and a huge help in practical business of keeping Spirit Radio on the air.

Fundraisers remind us that we were made to be interdependent — that God put us in a body and invited us to work together.

Thank You for your support.

May the Lord Bless You

I’m Rob Clarke for all the team here at Spirit Radio

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