Camino – The Jordan Trail

Written by on 8th February 2023

A 400 mile camino known as The Jordan Trail spans the entire length of that country, north to south, and takes in many Biblical sites, Unesco heritage sites and one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

It is divided into eight regions and travels through desert, canyons, mountains and oases following the routes of the Bedouin tribes.

Also known as ‘the king’s highway’, the trail is believed to have been used by Jesus, and passes by a cave he is likely to have stayed in before his baptism. The route also passes his baptism site at ‘Bethany beyond the Jordan’ where it is understood that John the Baptist lived for most of his ministry.

Before finishing at the world renowned ‘Rose city’ of Petra, the trail goes through Jordan’s largest nature reserve at Dana, the roman city of Pella and alongside the Dead Sea where hikers can take a well-deserved swim.


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