Secrets of Joy

Written by on 23rd October 2023

In 1943, Susie Rossetti was a 24-year-old seamstress who decided she would join the US Army where she worked as a mimeograph operator for the remainder of World War 2.

Throughout her life, Susie has impacted and inspired others with her joy-filed attitude and now at the age of 105, Susie shares her secrets which are all about embracing faith, treasuring family, and living a life with “no regrets”.

She says, “I never said ‘no’ to anything. If I couldn’t do it, I tried it. I didn’t ever say, ‘I can’t do it.’”

After the war Susie married Frank and became engrossed in family and community becoming a beacon of political activism and awareness. She has stood as a strong advocate for good work ethic and strong family values, and says that her steadfast faith has been her guiding star, attributing her vibrant life to her unswerving faith and a philosophy of trying “everything and anything,” leaving her with a heart full of joy and no regrets.

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