Written by on 1st September 2023

On the earthquake-torn borders of Syria and Turkey, a unique travelling darkroom, housed in a small caravan, is giving displaced children the chance to learn photography and share the reality of their lives with the world.

Serbest Salih, a refugee himself, studied photography at Aleppo University, before fleeing to Turkey, and says, “I speak four languages but photography is a unique language which offers the opportunity to learn and study, to make new friends and have discussions.”

Children take part in workshops and are each given a camera to take home for a week and shoot whatever inspires them. Back at the darkroom, Serbest shows them how to develop the film and the reaction is one of awe. “Is it magic? How are you doing that?” they ask, in wonder.

But Salih is equally amazed by the children, he says “As adults, we cannot see what children see; they notice the details of life we’ve stopped seeing. They use their imaginations and layer it with reality.”


Photo credit: Serbest Salih

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