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6th August 2021

Peter Taylor spoke to Jacki Ascough about past and present Christian Olympians who share their faith openly.

Bishop Phonsie Cullinan spoke to Donal Lynch about why he has decided to recommence Confirmations and First Holy Communions in his diocese


5th August 2021

Archbishop Jude Thaddeus Okolo spoke to Donal Lynch about gratitude – what is it, how to practice it and if it makes you a happier person.

“Everybody’s life has a gap that only God can fill.”  Pastor Solomon Aroboto of Christian Community Church in Arklow tells Dónal how we can avail of God’s help.  Tune in at 11.10am every Wednesday for our Prayer Coach interview

No parent likes to see their child suffer disappointment, but ‘helicopter parenting’ is not the solution.  Katharine Hill, author of ‘A Mind of Their Own: Building Your Child’s Emotional Wellbeing in a Post-Pandemic World’ talks to Dó

Feat’ Joanna Fortune, Marty Woods and Charlo the Chef Joanna Fortune spoke about the special relationship between a child and their grandparents. Marty Woods from the Japanese International Sports Partnership spoke about the atmosphere in Japan around the Olympics. Charlo the Chef told Jacki what ingredients are in season and had a summer recipe for […]

feat’ Susan Philips, Síle Quinlan, Steve Johnson and Mary Nee Susan Philips looked at recent sporting events around the world and the different approaches to COVID-19 Síle Quinlan spoke about the ‘A Day in the LIfe’ report, which looked at media coverage of the 3rd anniversary of the Abortion Referendum Steve Johnson pre-viewed the weekend’s […]

feat’ Amanda Cambridge, Tom Coleman, Marty Woods, Ruadhan Jones and Mary Elizabeth Bruton Amanda Cambridge shared her family’s story and spoke about the Hold Hands programme which is designed to teach young children about water safety Tom Coleman had tips for getting a good night’s sleep especially in the hot weather Marty Woods […]

Katharine Hill spoke about the power of praise and how encouragement can transform a child Garvan Rigby highlighted some of the new music on the Spirit Radio playlist Our Prayer Coach was Steve Johnson, who discussed whether we need to choose between humility and greatness Peadar Tóibín TD gave his opinion on Ireland’s gradual […]

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