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20th July 2021

spirit radio show filler2

Donal Lynch spoke to Alex Cooney, Rev Cathy Hallissey, Roger Sweeney, Ray Kelly and Graham Mulhern Alex Cooney discussed how face recognition technology could help keep children safe on the internet. Rev Cath Hallissey spoke about the filming of the Disney movie ‘Disenchanted’ in her parish in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow Roger Sweeney gave some […]

Donal Lynch spoke to Thérèse Davey about adding more fruit to your diet, and to ultra marathon runner Mark Conlon about his latest fundraiser.  Martha McGee told Donal about the Wellspring of Life Women’s Refuge, and Irwin Johnston reviewed the British Golf Open, while Marge Smith had ideas for developing children’s maths skills.

Jeff O’Toole, producer of the short film ‘Wanna Hang Out’, spoke to Jacki Ascough about making the film with young people from Dublin, and how they won 2 awards at the Cannes World Film Festival.

Rev Andrew Orr of Eco Congregation Ireland spoke to Jacki Ascough, about their vision to promote ecological values to churches, the resources available and how to get involved with Climate Sunday.

Donal Lynch spoke to Susan Philips about the widespread unrest in South Africa, and to Deirdre Tully about the latest announcements around the Galway Races. Rebekah Fitch spoke about her new music to Olga Kaye, and Bernie Carter told Donal about how we should care for skin in the hot weather, while Steve Johnson reviewed […]

Donal Lynch spoke to Miz about the latest celebrity news stories, and to Joe Supple about travel requirements and the new digital certs. John McNicholas discussed the new figures showing that 10% of PUP recipients are students, and Joe O’Connor told Donal about a pilot trial and campaign for a 4 day work week.

Donal Lynch spoke to Katharine Hill, about helping children develop a healthy attitude to body image, and to Garvan Rigby, about new music on the Spirit Radio playlist.   Irish singer Leah McFall spoke to Victoria Johnson about trusting God through the highs & lows in her music career, while Chef Wade Murphy talked about the […]

Donal Lynch spoke to Dougie Hobson, from Footprints bookstore about the latest books releases, and to Ruth Garvey-Williams about a survey on Race and the Churches in Ireland.  Stephen Kinsella had some tips for summer fitness sessions, and Pete the Vet told Donal how to prevent dog bites, while Mark McGowan spoke about dining indoors […]

Donal Lynch spoke to Thérèse Davey about things you might regret throwing out, and to John Lowe about the financial considerations when deciding to buy or rent. Eunan McKinney spoke to Donal about the price of alcohol in Ireland, and Dermot Murphy talked about the DePaul charity and their services, while Ray Sheehy highlighted an […]

Jacki Ascough spoke to Aileen McCawley, founder of ‘The Wriggler’, an anti-roll changing mat which won backing on Dragon’s Den recently, and to Catherine Elliott about the Summer Stars programme running in libraries around the country

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