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In the U.S., a waitress at a ‘Waffle House’ restaurant in La Marque, Texas, was surprised with being gifted a scholarship from a local university after an act of kindness she showed to a customer was captured on camera. Evoni Williams received much praise when she was seen cutting up food for an elderly customer […]

In the U.K., researchers are developing an interactive tool that will assist in the design of spaces of peace and calm in cities.  Residents of Brighton, Edinburgh and Sheffield are being invited to identify outdoor places that they experience to be quiet, calm or tranquil as part of a project aimed at dealing with the […]

In Sweden, the world’s first electrified road, which recharges the batteries of trucks and cars as they drive along it, has opened. The road is located outside Stockholm and transfers energy from tracks of rail in the road, recharging the batteries of electric cars and trucks as they drive. The public road near Stockholm now […]

In the UK, Bob Brewin is pioneering a new technique in satellite oceanography – by going surfing. The Plymouth Marine Laboratory scientist uses his surfboard to take sea surface temperature measurements, which he then uses to better interpret satellite data.  He does so because there is a real need for those measurements. He says that […]

In Ethiopia, volunteers are helping to restore drylands in the country’s Tigray region on a massive scale. The region is home to over 4.3 million people, and villagers volunteer for 20 days each year to help the restorative process happen. In January, hundreds of thousands of villagers – the vast majority of whom are subsistence […]

In Switzerland, a trial is underway that puts ‘flower power’ to the fore in the fight to reduce dependence on pesticides.  Tailored strips of wildflowers have been planted in crop fields which allow pest-eating insects to spread throughout crop fields, decreasing the need for pesticides. A total of 100 strips of wildflowers, including red poppies […]

Caring for hens is relatively simple and their personalities and behaviour are elaborate, making them super therapy animals, according to writer Geraldine Walsh. In an article in the Irish Examiner, she says the decision to become a hen owner started as a spur-of-the-moment decision but it has become a way of life. She wasn’t sure […]

In Bali, Indonesia, surfer and inventor Kevin Kamala has founded a social enterprise making alternatives to plastic packaging and single-use plastics using natural products.  Bali is a tropical island paradise, with its pristine white sands beaches, but much of its shoreline is now becoming saturated with plastic rubbish. Kamala decided to get to work on […]

In a new venture, aerial drones are being used to deliver blood supplies to remote areas of Africa. Previously, drones have been put to all sorts of uses, including fighting wildfires, inspecting pipelines and spying on poachers.  And now they’re helping save lives. In 2016, a Silicon Valley start-up company began using its drones to deliver […]

Australia has pledged over 500 million Australian dollars to help preserve the Great Barrier Reef, in an effort to protect the world heritage site from the effects of climate change. The funding, which was announced recently, constitutes part of a conservation plan that will see the Australian government partner with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation […]

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